Congratulations Professor Duboise — USM’s new Trustee Professor! | University of Southern Maine

Associate Professor of Applied Medial Sciences S. Monroe Duboise of Portland was awarded the University of Maine System Trustee Professorship at USM for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The professorship will offer Duboise more time and resources as he continues work on developing an anti-malaria vaccine that will be more stable, inexpensive and easy to produce in a wide range of locations. This research also is supported by a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant.

His research systematically integrates scientific research efforts with community and K-12 science education outreach using both USM undergraduate and graduate students in his lab. Duboise has enjoyed continuous federal funding from he National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and NASA since 2001, which has allowed him to bring public school teachers into his lab where they learn to teach rigorous scientific research methods to their students.

In 1998, the University of Maine System Board of Trustees established the Trustee Professorship to reward excellence among faculty members at each University of Maine System campus. The Trustee Professorship provides funding to enable its holder to be released from a portion of his or her teaching duties for an academic year, with a modest budget available to support a scholarly project that the holder wishes to undertake.