About Us / Mission

The founding director of Nano Discovery Labs is Dr. S. Monroe Duboise, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Medical Sciences at USM who also directs the USM Virology and Electron Microscopy Laboratory along with several federally funded research and education projects.

Nano Discovery Labs seeks through research and education to illuminate significant and interesting but usually unseen realms from the cosmic scale of astrobiology to the molecular scale of microbiology and virology which dramatically impact human and animal health and disease and that definitively drive biological evolution and the biogeochemistry of the Earth.
Through Nano Discovery Labs we are sustaining an ongoing agenda of support for graduate, undergraduate, and pre-college science education, for high quality K-12 teacher professional development in the sciences, and for communicating science to the general public in Maine and beyond. This agenda is critical to regional economic development that depends upon a highly educated globally connected 21st century workforce for environmental and medical biotechnology, nanotechnology, and basic research.

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