Lesson Plans

What Lies Beneath Our Feet?

Microscopic creatures are essential to healthy ecosystems and play a key role in decomposition. Bacteria and fungi recycle nutrients that can then be used by plants and other organisms. In healthy soil, organic material is first be broken down by invertebrates. This activity is meant to stimulate inquiry about soil composition and invertebrates, and to help students develop an understanding of the comparative size of these organisms and soil components to objects they interact with everyday. Lesson Plan

Making a Wet-Mount Slide

If you are going to work with microscopes, you should learn how to make a wet mount microscope slide. It is the most common type of slide preparation for microscope work. Wet mount slides are used to view living organisms, as well as liquid substances.  They should also used for any sort of sample that needs to be kept moist. Instructions

A Microscopic Investigation of Decomposition

Students will set up a decomposition column and make several observations using microscopes of the organisms present over a period of time.  Students can use microscopy to investigate changes in the material as it decomposes. Lesson Plan

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