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These microbiology lesson plans are designed for  middle school and elementary school science teachers. The Lessons are easy to understand and implement. They include everything you need to engage students, enhance learning, and guide instruction.



"In a world shaped by science and technology, it is important for students to learn how science and technology connect with the demands of society and the knowledge of all content areas. It is equally important that students are provided with learning experiences that integrate tools, knowledge, and processes of science and technology." Maine DOE




The internet is filled with exceptional resources to help you bring microbiology into your classrooms. The challenge is sorting through these resources and finding useful information and engaging activities for your students that also correlates to Maine learning goals. We have tried to do that for you. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you find a link that you would like to see us list on our site.






Providing a view into the unseen world, both living and non-living, at the micro-scale and the nano-scale has immense importance in understanding health and disease and is possible only when using the appropriate tools of microscopy.  The SEPA program has the capacity to support classroom projects through our microscopy resources including bright-field microscopy, florescence microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy.  Allowing students to examine a wide variety of materials at micro- and nano-scales has considerable value in fostering understanding by reducing the abstraction inherent in the study of complex biological systems.


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