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Program Offerings

Summer Program


This two week summer professional development program for elementary and middle school teachers seeks to help teachers to develop their microscopy skills and their understanding of the living and non-living unseen worlds at the micro- and nano-scales. The program provides opportunities for teachers and project staff to work together on development of standards based curriculum materials for literacy and numeracy in the context of scale, systems, and models in the natural world. The program includes exploring the range of scales from the cosmic- to nano-scales through the resources of the University of Southern Maine Southworth Planetarium. Participating teachers receive a microscope with a built-in digital camera for their classrooms, a stipend, and continuing education credits. Download Flyer Here

Academic Year Program


This continuing academic year program of USM’s Micro- and Nano-space Explorations of Health and Disease SEPA project combines opportunities for K-12 teachers to engage in content learning and laboratory skills development focused on varying scientific topics of microbiology, virology, infectious disease, immunology, and molecular biology. The program format typically includes late afternoon scientific public lecture series and Saturday morning laboratory activities. The spring 2009 the program entitled “The Evolution Revolution Across the Universe” and celebrated the sesquicentennial of publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. Topical focus of the Fall 2009 program was “Viruses Reveal the Secrets of Life”. The program currently offers continuing education credit and will soon be incorporated into the elective course offerings of USM.

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